Sunday, August 12, 2007

The More The Merry

Many Rite Aid employees know of Gerry as the guy who came to the Christmas party and didn't talk to anyone. Or some simply know him as Tony's long-time lover. It seemed that Tony and Gerry were perfectly happy together... but now it seems like there's trouble in paradise.
Earlier this week, Tony and Gerry were arguing fiercely in a heated phone conversation! Luckily, Tony accidentally hit the 'speakerphone' button and we got to hear part of the juicy conversation! Apparently, Gerry was very unhappy and almost ready to call it quits:

"We need something else! I'm tired of golden showers Tony!
If you want me to stay, then something needs to be changed!"

Tony slammed the phone down and went back to work. But less than an hour after Tony's shocking conversation, our cameras caught him in a compromising situation.
Desperate to keep Gerry in his life, Tony decided that he knew what he needed to bring into the relationship to make it work: Mohammed Khatib, a Rite Aid pharmacist!

Tony's fondness of Mohammed is no secret at Rite Aid- all of the employees admit that they always thought something was going on between the two. Tony is constantly heard complaining about the other pharmacists, but never Mohammed. Although Tony has the bathroom key, he has been seen asking Mohammed for the pharmacy bathroom key on several occasions. And one time, a young woman working in the pharmacy caught them doing something truly odd:

"Tony was back in the pharmacy, flirting with Mohammed like usual. It was
time for Mohammed's lunch break, and he took out some grapes, and asked Tony if
he wanted them. Tony said, 'Only if you feed them to me.' I could not believe my
eyes! Then Mohammed actually fed Tony the grapes!"

It seems Tony had the idea of bringing Mohammed into his relationship for some time and only acted on it recently!

That night, the odd behavior continued... Instead of leaving the store at 8:58, Tony told the night crew that they could leave, and that he had to stay behind to handle some 'business.' Suspicious of Tony's behavior, one employee lingered in the parking lot to await Tony's departure. The eyewitness tells us that at 9:15, Tony left the store... with Mohammed! The two talked briefly (giving directions to Tony's place?) and then drove away in separate cars, but in the same direction!

What occurred after that can only be left to the imagination, but sources tell us that the next day, Tony and Gerry were back to being happy. And we can only wonder what was done to save the relationship...

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Marie's Dirty Little Secret

Each time Marie comes to work, she clocks in, says hello to the people at the front of the store, and happily walks to the pharmacy department. She seems like the image of perfection. All the young girls at work long to be like Marie: pretty, confident, intelligent, and friendly. That is, until now! Rite Aid Trash has finally uncovered the truth behind this seemingly innocent girl...

Marie's suspicious behavior was first noted in the pharmacy department. After returning from a cigarette break, another pharmacy employee noticed something very peculiar:

"Marie ran out of singles, which is pretty common. But then, instead of calling a manager to get her change, she pulled hundreds of dollars in singles out of her pocket and made change herself! I don't know how someone could have so many singles on them..."

Although many of the Rite Aid employees jumped to conclusions that Marie must have another job where she was recieiving tons of tips, all in singles, no one really could think of such a job. But one day, a manager caught Marie doing something very shocking:

"I was straightening random items in the aisles so it looked like I was working when I was really talking on the phone, when I suddenly noticed her! Marie was standing in the card aisle, holding onto a pole! I thought she was just trying to move it or something, but the way she was moving kinda looked like she was dancing on it!"

Carrying a lot of singles... dancing on poles... What could Marie's other job be?
Before Marie left work last Thursday, a source close to the employee overheard her talking on the phone:

"Hey Back Door Betty. This is One Night Nancy. Can you tell Dirty South Sandy that I'll be a little late and ask if she can go on for me? Thanks!"

The evidence is hard to ignore. It seems that Marie is finally exposed for what she really is: a stripper! Now that the truth is out, it is only a matter of time before the other employees catch on to her lies and lose all respect for her.

When Infatuation Becomes Obsession

t all started innocently; after enjoying many nights together at work, Enrico and Judy decided to spend a few nights in other locations. The two were recently witnessed at movies, parks, and the beach. The new relationship seemed to be going well until Judy was reading about the new Rite Aid policy and realized that managers were not allowed to date associates.

Judy responded in the only appropriate way:

"I had to end our relationship right then and there! I knew that if anyone found
out, that I would be in trouble. And if I got fired, there'd be no one to chase
the black kids out the store! So I thought it was best for the store if I put my
relationship with Enrico to an end."

Although Judy ended the relationship without hard feelings, it appears that Enrico responded in a different way...
Earlier this week, the young employee was caught spying on Judy! It seems that his feelings did not die with their relationship and he is completely obsessed with her! Our cameras caught Enrico randomly finding himself in the same aisles as Judy, buying her ice cream sandwiches, and even peeking over the wall in the photo lab to watch her work in the office.

But perhaps the most shocking occurence happened on the last truck day. Around 2:17 PM last Wednesday, while Judy was very busy yelling at a customer, she suddenly heard: "Judy call 230, Judy call 230." Although she was not done yelling, she went into the office to call the stock room. But when the person on the other line picked up, all Judy could hear was heavy breathing!

But the real shocker is the horrifying photo our cameras caught! At 2:18 PM, Judy's ex-boyfriend was seen in the stockroom, using the telephone! Was he the one breathing heavily into the phone as he listened to Judy's voice? We're not 100% sure, but the evidence is startling.

In an attempt to understand the disturbing behavior recently exhibited by the young man everyone describes as "normal," we looked into his history at Rite Aid and "normal" is not what we found!

It appears that Enrico's manager obsession is not as new as first suspected! In fact, Enrico was obsessed with another of his managers and only stopped stalking them when his obsessions switched over to Judy. This manager gave us the scoop:

"Enrico was constantly calling me when he wasn't working,
just to see if he worked. I have a feeling that he already knew his schedule,
but was just calling to hear my voice! Also, he would get really jealous when
I'd talk to the other employees- he'd make a big scene and start talking about
sex. I guess he thought it made me like him, but I was scared! I was going to
call the cops, but luckily for me, he went on a date with Judy and
stopped stalking me."

This manager, who prefers to remain anonymous, tells us that Enrico only put them in a bad mood at work and caused them to overuse alcohol. They also had to leave work really early so they wouldn't run into the depraved associate!
Could Judy also be driven to insanity by Enrico's constant attempts for attention? Something clearly needs to be done before Enrico's attraction becomes fatal and more innocent people are hurt.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Glenn: Baby Daddy... Again?

It appears that Glenn's libido is causing more problems at Rite Aid.

A little over a week ago, two Rite Aid employees mysteriously quit. Cindy and Laural were two of the best employees and suddenly, they were gone...
Cindy apparently moved to Florida, and no one understood the reasons. But one of her best friends took time away from reading while working in the photo lab to give us his theory:
"Right before Cindy got on her plane, she sent me a mysterious text message. I didn't quite understand what it meant at first, but one all these rumors starting circulating, I suddenly understood everything..."
Rite Aid Trash managed to find this text message. A seemingly frantic Cindy texted the young man before her flight:
"Wtf. I'm about 2 get on the plane. OMG. I'm scared tho. Lmao."
Why would Cindy be scared to get on a plane? Luckily, another employee and close friend of Cindy remembered something the young Asian told her a week before she left. Apparently, Cindy asked her friend if she was allowed to fly on a plane... while she was pregnant! Was her question mere coincidence? We think not! Especially since the whole Rite Aid crew knew that
Cindy and Glenn were romantically involved prior to Cindy's departure!

It's common knowledge that when pregnancy tests are stolen at Rite Aid, the thief always hides the empty box in Aisle 7- the shampoo aisle. How peculiar that very soon before Cindy left, she was seen in that specific aisle...

With the pregnant Cindy far away in another state, it seemed Glenn was safe from the scrutiny of his fellow co-workers. But that's when the young man struck again! The day before the photo lab employee Laural left Rite Aid, she was seen buying a pregnancy test! She bought the test very secretly, but was photographed looking at the results!

We even asked Glenn if he knew about the paternity of Cindy or Laural's
children and he only had this to say:
"I like to be on the bottom. And everyone knows you can't get a girl pregnant if
the guy is on the bottom!"
It's always sad to see a young woman's life changed so drastically because of teenage pregnancy. If the girls already quit their jobs, what's next? Will they drop out of school and become addicted to drugs? If they do, we all know who to blame...

Kelley vs. Anna: The Feud Continues

The Kelley and Anna feud is definitely not a 'new' story- but the bitter battle between the two reached dangerous new levels this week.
After a long day of work, it was almost time for Kelley and Anna to go home. Around 3:30 PM, Anna suddenly found she had no ride and asked Kelley, very politely, if she could drop her off at her home.

Kelley, known for her overuse of offensive language, began cursing at Anna. Apparently, the volatile young woman accused Anna of sleeping around, stealing Kelley's ex-boyfriend Joe, and calling out of work just to go to the mall! As she walked away from Anna, she was photographed eating candy while saying the "f" word.
An eyewitness to the event (and another female Rite Aid employee that works in the photo lab) claims that Anna was very polite to Kelley and didn't deserve the verbal attack:

"Anna was just being her sweet self and Kelley took it too far. If she
didn't want to drive her home, she could have just made up a lie and said
she had to do something after work. She didn't have be so nasty! I think
she got what she deserved..."

And what, exactly, did Kelley get? Only a few short minutes after the confrontation between the young ladies, a Rite Aid customer came into the store and told the woman on register that a "maniac" was "brutally attacking" a car outside in the parking lot.
The Rite Aid employees ignored the frantic woman to continue working on the truck.
But the woman on register says that she did notice something peculiar:

"Right after that woman came in yelling, I saw Anna come in! She looked real mad
and was carrying a bat! You know, I used to play Major League Baseball! I was on
the Yankees."

At approximately 4:15 PM, Kelley left work to go home and found an unfortunate surprise.... Someone smashed in the rear bumper of her car! Kelley screamed so loudly that every customer in the store heard her. A raging Kelley stormed into Rite Aid and searched for Anna. But the young lady actually left work when she was supposed to and was nearly home by that time.

Many of the employees defended Anna. But when this shocking photo was uncovered, it was hard to defend her for long...

This evidence is certainly incriminating! Moments before Kelley discovered her battered car, Anna was seen in close proximity to a baseball bat! Did Anna really attack Kelley's car? We may never know.

Is Jenn Getting More Than Cigarettes on Her Smoking Breaks?

Many Rite Aid employees are known to take cigarette breaks… but only one is reported to use their fifteen minutes for another hobby…
Just this Wednesday, Jenn was caught enjoying a little more than a Marlboro Light during one of her many breaks. The bubbly blonde from the pharmacy department was caught outside with an unknown man and the two were reportedly making out and groping right outside the store!
After their VERY public display of affection, the two disappeared in Jenn’s car and didn’t return for 20 minutes. Upon her return, it is reported that Jenn was seen fixing her clothing and patting down her hair. A fellow pharmacy employee claims that this story actually started that morning:

“On Wednesday morning, this man was talking to Jenn while she was working and
she was just laughing and batting her eyelashes like the big flirt she is! The
guy left the store and five minutes later, Jenn was gone too. What a

The pharmacist on duty that day commented:

“When Jenn says she needs to take a cigarette break, I always let her go. But I
know what she’s really doing on her breaks! It wasn’t a big problem at
first, but now it’s getting out of hand! If Jenn doesn’t get the help she needs
soon, I’m afraid she’ll get fired… or pregnant!”

But that’s not all! “Rite Aid Trash” learned that the man photographed with Jenn last Wednesday is not the typical kind of man Jenn usually spends her breaks with. The last seventeen men Jenn was caught with were all very different from the mysterious man on Wednesday: the others were all African-American. It’s no secret that Jenn prefers black men and this controversial fact is often discussed at work. A young African-American girl who will soon be attending Monmouth University even made her opinion public as she shouted, “You need to stay with your own kind!” at Jenn, after she returned from one of her typical breaks.

For now, Jenn seems to have no problem with her extra-curricular activities at work. But we know it’s only a matter of time until her obsession causes her to lose her job, her friends, and her good health.